As an attendee of our events we ask you kindly to adhere to the following – anyone breaking club protocol may be asked to leave.

NO Sharps play currently permitted

  • Respect for all other attendees at all times
  • Ask politely if you wish to play with another attendee or one of the House Dommes
  • No unsolicited touching or groping
  • NO means NO – do not be over persistent, pesky or lecherous
  • Do not interrupt people's scenes - this means: standing too close, touching, talking or asking questions of the participants during a scene, asking to participate, pouncing at the end of a scene or interrupting aftercare to ask for play.
  • Please do NOT pick up, touch or grab others play toys or kit without permission
  • Strict Fetish Attire – smart black – or dare to bare! (no streetwear such as jeans, t-shirts or trainers) – We will refuse entry if not adhered to. Please read our dresscode page.
  • Be tolerant of others fetishes… you do not have to be involved
  • Clean the furniture after each use, pick up your mess and put in the bins provided - This includes cleaning wipes, condoms and general litter
  • Please no photos (anyone found to be taking unauthorised photos on phones etc will be asked to delete them and may be asked to leave)
  • We are all adults but anyone engaging in play should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • No drugs policy

TICKETS and ENTRY are non refundable so make sure you familiarise yourself with our club Protocol. 

NO Breath play & NO solo sexual gratification are currently permitted (By request of the venue)